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TALONS are to release their debut self-titled album through RICE IS NICE. The band have completed their greatly awaited chart busting album with Tim Carr (Dead China Doll, Ohana) in the producer chair, resulting in a rocket recording which is set to do wonders for the band. The album follows on from their acclaimed EP, Ducats. Recorded before they’d barely begun playing together, in earnest it shows a band already mature and focused. It’s a bomb-blast of energy that serves as a blueprint for their most recent excursions into a more melodic and adventurous territory. Not only do the band record such awesome and incredibly talented records in the studio, but they are enormously huge on stage! To date they’ve shared stages with the likes of Future of the Left (Mclusky), Further, The Mint Chicks, Die! Die! Die!, The Mess Hall, Regular John, Tucker B’s, Spod, Batrider, Violent Soho, Children Collide, The Holy Soul, Witch Hats, Stature: Statue, and The Stabs, as well as a bunch of festivals including this years Laneway Festival in Sydney. Talons are Christian J Best (vocals, guitar), Ben James (drums), and Mitch Pangas (bass).

Talons – All The Tricks – Talons by Rice Is Nice

Now defunct, a statement from the band in May 2010 read: “This is what is known as an ‘amicable’ split and the love the three of us share is unshakable and permanent. We would like to apologise to all of our eight fans and rejoice in the fact that we met the best people in the entire world as a result of being in this band. There are many people to thank who helped us tirelessly along the way, I’m sure these people know who they are, and I’m also sure we kiss you often. We also encourage you to buy our album as it’s now a priceless collectors item, which is sure to be worth many million space tokens in the years to come.”

Live Review: “Talons blew the fucking place apart! There’s a cut-throat brutality to their sound, a brittle teeth-grinding severity that’s distinctively un-Melbourne in a way – an underlying cynicism indicative of Sydney life perhaps? We pride ourselves on the quality of rock music coming out of this town, but my word when Sydney produces diamonds they are jagged, robust little fuckers and they’re not afraid to tell it like it is. Talons blew my fragile little mind and turned a killer night into one of the gigs of the year.” – INPRESS (MELBOURNE) – MAY 2009



Talons – Talons – RIN003

Talons - Talons
01. All The Tricks
02. Redheads
03. Mud Rockets
04. Dazzling Metallic Stallions
05. Frankenpanther
06. Gravitron
07. Bayonet
08. Keys & Codes
09. Scoffers & Understanders
10. Walking Straight Past Mona Lisa

About The Release

Talons debut album released in May 2009. Sydney trio Talons are perfectly of their time and that time is right this minute. Dancing and Thrashing upon a highwire act this proto-punk band are blanced in a tug of war between melody and and bristling, visceral energy. Talons are now defunct. This was their debut album and their focus on perfection. It fucking rules.




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Talons - Talons









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