Convenient Face Hinge [kuhn-veen-yuhnt feys /hinj]

1. Mouth or hole in one’s face.

2. Mechanism enabling one’s mouth or hole in face to be cleaved open and the contents be spilt onto a plate or other designated surface for examination.

3. Spiritual portal for self-awareness.

Example sentences
1. She stuffed all of the vegetables into her convenient face hinge.

2. He delved deep into his convenient face hinge to overcome his fear of public speaking.

Convenient Face Hinge is a curious, exciting and devious single from Shady Lane’s upcomg album Built Guilt. The single is influenced by the desire to take life by the balls and twist until the juices flow, and about wanting to know exactly what’s going inside our strange, mirky, ambiguous brains.

The most obvious elememnt in the recording process is the vocals which were done through a little twitter speaker picked up from an op shop. That’s what makes them all thin as though sung through an empty toilet roll.

Shady Lane mastermind, Jordy Lane says he couldn’t resist putting extra splurty synth squiggles over the top. “It just made the whole thing sound even more ridiculous and at times reminds me of horses neighing”.

Album ‘BUILT GUILT’ out May 18th 2012


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