Sydney’s original party starter has been making us all taste the radness for over a decade. The dance rock pioneer electrifies brainwaves and creams pants wherever and whenever he graces the stage. He’s also a bit of a renaissance man, not only kicking arse and taking names as a performer in his own right, but also produces records and directing videos for others. And when he’s not stimulating your eardrums, he’s over-coming your taste buds with his own, delicious, organic range of beef jerky.

SPOD was a bit lonely, so he made a new song ‘Party of One’ with an accompanying video featuring a lonely man looking for friendship and satisfaction with aid of the internet and computer tablet technology. Spending a lonely night in with his semi broken synthesisers, SPOD created an ode to some personal time out.

Lyrics: Um, yes no that will be a Party of One, thank you very much.

His last album ‘Taste The Sadness’ is a mature nod to his debut album ‘Taste The Radness’ (2003). In celebration of getting older and wiser, SPOD has reinterpreted the debut album to reflect life 10 years on. This beautiful record reminiscent of Harry Nilsson and all things adult and sad is sure to tug on them depression strings. And then you laugh in the face of it all because getting old is scary.

The painful truth is that all pleasant evenings of nightclub-dwelling debauchery must come to an eventual end, in both the literal and metaphorical sense. Local sweat-pop, dance-rock legend, SPOD, has passed the partying pinnacle of his life, where throwing streamers at strangers, maiming innocent people with missile champagne corks and slow-grinding unsuspecting pub attendees isn’t as much fun as it once was.

Taste The Sadness, explores hitting the second half of your existence in full-stride, dislocated your hip in the process and then spending the rest of your days in an extremely comfortable armchair explaining to everyone about how much significantly more enjoyable everything was when you were able to enjoy things more.


SPOD ‘Last Dance’ from SPOD on Vimeo.

A few words from SPOD. 

“Mates, it’s been a while, but I figure it’s time to come back to remind people what’s good, y’know? Y’can’t just be the greatest all the time, y’gotta take some time out for yourself & take it easy for chrissake. But it’s been a while, and summer is right around the corner, so I figure it’s time to make a tune & a video and line up some cheeky shows to remind everyone of the important things. No biggie, just sayin’ g’day and reminding you deadshits i’m still alive.

Y’know, as time rolls on, you can’t fire it up night after night without kicking back every now and then as the ravages of time shine a light on the delight of a cheeky brew with your mates. Nothin’ suss, just a couple of drinks to shake off the cobwebs, y’know? You don’t wanna give your significant other no hass, just looking to take a load off with ya mates, coz there ain’t nothin’ wrong with havin’ a real good time, right?

The time seems just right to get out there and hit the magnetic tape with Owen Penglis & play some live instruments for once & stop being a computer deadshit, so thats what I did. A case of beer, couple of laughs, a cheeky wednesday and boom, new hit single by Australia’s favourite bloke, SPOD.”



SPOD - Taste The Sadness Album Artwork

  01. Last Dance
  02. Totally Sad
  03. 2083 (Cry With Me)
  04. Hell No
  05. Devistator
  06. Fakin’ Party
  07. Back In The Summertime
  08. So Lonely
  09. Scorpions Of Sex
  10. Electric Hips


SPOD - Couple Of Drinks (Single) Album Artowrk

01. Couple Of Drinks (Single)
02. Not Lookin’ For A Blue
03. Deadshits
The time seems just right to get out there and hit the magnetic tape with Owen Penglis & pplay some live instruments fro once & store being a computer deadshit, so that what I did. A case of beer, couple of laughs, a cheeky Wednesday and boom, new hit single by Australia’s favourite bloke, SPOD.


SPOD - Superfrenz Album Artwrok

  01. Dangerzone
  02. 2 Tight 2 Mention
  03. Dead
  04. Afterparty
  05. Cats!
  06. Time Maggots Eating The Flesh Of Destiny
  07. Blubberponies
  08. Norx
  09. So Exciting
  10. Make U Sweat
  11. Nitefallz
  12. Bodytalk (CD Exclusive)
The instrumentation of these recordings range from game boys and other video game machines, live drums, keys, piano, acoustic, guitar, electric guitar and bass, this, creating at bare minimum, an electric record of all sorts. SPOD recorded and produced the entire record independently in the various studios. Then on to dealings with the genius mixing works of Mirko Vogel (sekiden), cameo appearance from Jonboyrock on the track ‘Dead’ (hard one) and finally Shellac’s own Bob Weston mastering the record (woo!). This album also includes a real deal bonus secret track shh………,only available on the CD!


SPOD - Animals Album Artwork

  01. Cats!
  02. Ladybug
  03. We Want Some Pussy
The FIRST ever Rice Is Nice Records release… This 3 track 7 inch record was released in Mid 2008. It previewed an upcoming track from SPOD’s Superfrenz album in the monstrously popular nintendo super boogie CATS. Also featured on the record is a cover of We Want Some Pussy by 2 Live Crew! A real collectors item and there are only a few left.

'Party of One'




Stubby Cooler / Couple Drinks EP

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Taste The Sadness - DIGITAL


Limited Edition Cassette Tape


Couple Of Drinks EP


SPOD BREW - Stubby Cooler


Last Dance - digital single


Eternal Champions - CD


Taste The Radness - CD