Don't Hold Back - CD - Donny Benet

Donny Benet - Don't Hold Back - CD

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Donny Benet's debut album! Comes with a bonus karaoke DVD so you can sing your favourite Donny tracks all night long.

2011 has heralded the new era of Donny Benét. Due to the apparent lack of interest in disco accordian and Jazz bass playing Donny has taken the plunge and recorded his debut album in the famous Donny Land Studios. Armed with a Drum Machine, Fender Rhodes and a Moog Synthesizer with a pitch bender that won’t stop, Donny has worked hard to create an album that will hopefully make him the most famous disco accordian/jazz bassist of the 21st century.

  1. Don’t Hold Back
  2. Sophisticated Lover
  3. Don’t Leave Me Stranded
  4. Takin’ The Heat
  5. The Touch (Rented Lover)
  6. Tropical Fever
  7. The Girls Of Japan
  8. Let’s Make It Right, Tonight
  9. You’ll Find Love Again