Rice Is Nice Turns 10 At Melbourne Music Week!

We are turning 10 and celebrating this fact as part of Melbourne Music Week!

It's all happening at ACMI November 22. FREE ENTRY And featuring Straight Arrows + Richard In Your Mind + REBEL YELL + Sarah Mary Chadwick + SPOD + Summer Flake + Guest DJs: Lowtide + You Beauty + Doug Wallen.

Come help us celebrate this awesome milestone!

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Straight Arrows new album ON TOP!

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In a world LOUSY with B-grade garage bands and wannabe punk rockers, Straight Arrows are back to show us all how it’s done!

On Top will be released October 26 and we are excited to deliver the first single from the album '21st Century'.


Overflowing with unbridled energy, you’d be forgiven for thinking On Top was the band’s debut album, but the third record for the Sydney quartet sounds as vital and as exciting as ever. Having spent years touring their incendiary live show around Australia and the world, Straight Arrows have honed their fresh, reverb-laden, fuzzed out, psychedelic punk sound into pointed perfection with On Top. From the frantic buzzsaw of “Nothing To Me”, to the break-beat groove of “21st Century”, to the tender outsider folk of “Dead Weight”, to the mind-melting psych-out that is “Buried Again”, this is the sound of a band that isn’t short on ideas and isn’t afraid to push the envelope of what people expect a Straight Arrows record to be.

“Nothing's more boring than a bunch of the same guitar bullshit over and over again. We’ve taken the guitar bullshit, made it occasionally a little faster, and sometimes even a little slower too,” says vocalist, guitarist and chief songwriter Owen Penglis with a cheeky grin.

Cleary he and his bandmates have cast a wider sonic net this time around, largely influenced by Penglis’ love of crate digging and his vast musical knowledge of the detritus of pop culture’s past. “Over the writing of this thing I was listening to a lot of 60s and 70s private press LPs from the USA, weird bubblegum, private press 45s from Australia, and a whole heap of 60s Jamaican rocksteady singles. Al (Grigg guitar/vocals) reckons 'Gun Man' sounds a little rocksteady-ish, but I think he’s wrong and it’d be embarrassing for a bunch of Australians to attempt these sounds.”

Much like everything else they’ve done, On Top was completely created on their own terms. Produced and mixed by Penglis himself, the album seems to be more direct than the band’s previous efforts, bringing a clarity to their sound without losing any of the ramshackle charm that has earnt Straight Arrows a worldwide cult following. This aural evolution is something that has happened more by chance than by any conscious choice. “As a group of gifted amateurs it sometimes happens that through repetition and long tours we've improved at our craft, despite our best efforts to the contrary,” laughs Penglis.

Released locally through Rice Is Nice (SPOD, Sarah Mary Chadwick, Rebel Yell) and in the UK/Europe by Agitated (The Icarus Line, The Scientists, Royal Sitars) this November, On Top is the riveting next episode in the ongoing Straight Arrows saga. “The first album is It’s Happening, the second is Rising, so it only makes sense by this point that we'd eventually make it On Top!!” says Penglis. “Plus it’s WAY more flattering than 'Peaked'.”


Richard In Your Mind's 'Super Love Brain'

Psychedelic pop quintet, Richard In Your Mind, are set to release their fifth studio album and first full-length release since 2014, Super Love Brain, this September 21.

Recorded between Sydney’s REC Studios and the band’s lush, forest-lined Blue Mountains home studio set-up, Super Love Brain is expansive, atmospheric and dynamic – a measured reaction to the physical landscape from which it was created. Thematically, the album transverses between three solid points of reference. ‘Super’, is the ecstatic experience, like the music itself – full power. ‘Love’, from the loss of love, to friendship, to coming-of-age love, to obsession, and ‘Brain’, a dedication to the attempt to understand the machine that drives it all.

All I Can Do is our first taste of the upcoming album.

The ten track LP weaves abstract, guitar-driven pop melodies with whirling, echoed Magical Mystery Tour-esque vocals. The highest moments of Super Love Brain dance on the edge of perfect chaos, building upon themselves over and over again before returning to settle within the grounding, rhythmical percussion work of Carlos Adura (The Strides, The Tambourine Girls). There are moments of joy and elation, bookended by moments of introversion and darkness. Richard Cartwright describes the experiences behind these emotional shifts, from the sense of contentment and meaning that came with the birth of his first child, to the unexpected strangeness and disconnect after learning of the tragic death of a young friend.

Cartwright describes the album cover artwork, by artist and musician Myles Heskett, as a visual representation of the sound: “the picture we used really reminds me of a pastoral scene, a kind of hidden map to a magical landscape, with rainbow wheel sunrises and hidden dark towers, and roads and rivers rambling across space”.

Super Love Brain is set for release on September 21st via Rice Is Nice.

Check out the video for single 'All I Can Do'.


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Rebel Yell is a demon-like force producing some of the most mesmerizing and brooding bangers. Fearlessly pushing the boundaries of Australia’s club scene, Rebel Yell is a powerful megahex of techno, industrial and haunting beats, guaranteed to possess the dance floor with heavy bass lines and hypotonic mechanical rhythms.

Debut album 'Hired Muscle' is officially out now!

A limited run of flick knife USB's have been released to celebrate this awesome new album. Head to our BANDCAMP to see if you can catch yourself a nailfile with real purpose.

'Toxic' was the latest track to be lifted from the upcoming album and we are excited to announce it's video premiere via partners NOISEY!

More exciting premieres follow with next single 'Power City' being premiered on RAGE this Friday night! What a way to celebrate release day. Rebel Yell was also invited to guest program RAGE which will air June 30! Be sure to tune in this Friday just after midnight (so technically Saturday) to catch this awesome clip and tune!

If that is not enough Rebel Yell for you, tune into Triple J's MIX UP this Saturday, June 23 where Grace will be dropping all the beats and you can also head to The Music and go on a virtual tour of Japan! Cat cafe's? Yes please.

Let's not forget the 'Hired Muscle' Tour happening this July. Bringing together friends and talent curated by Rebel Yell to celebrate the release.


Saturday 7 July

Sydney // Hex Yellow

Location TBA


All information HERE

Thursday 12 July

Brisbane // The Foundry

Free Entry

Joined by:


Tralala Blip

and DJs


Lil Pom Pom

All information HERE

Friday 13 July

Melbourne Launch // The Tote - Upstairs

$10 + bf

Joined by:

Brooke Powers DJ




All information HERE

Sarah Mary Chadwick Album Launches & New Single.

Sarah Mary Chadwick's fourth solo album Sugar Still Melts In The Rain is out this Friday, May 11.

Sugar Still Melts In The Rain is a devastatingly beautiful body of work, submerging itself with observations on love, death and mental health. Sometimes this anguish bears itself in sullen, quiet moments, but more often torment manifests at the break of Sarah's voice as she sing-shouts painfully vulnerable self-aware lyrics.

'5 Months' is the newest single to be taken from this stunning album before it's release this Friday. The song is for Karl.

In celebration of this new release, Sarah will be playing 2 album launches and a special album release party! On May 11, Polyester Records will be hosting an album release party where Sarah will be performing and then having celebratory drinks at Crazy Arms out the back afterwards.


🎀 June 22 | Melbourne 🎀 The Tote w/ supports Craig Dermody and Summer Flake $15

🎀 June 29 | Sydney 🎀 The Union w/ supports Angie and Summer Flake. FREE ENTRY

Rebel Yell drops face-melting acid joint ‘Next Exit’

Brisbane based DJ and producer, Rebel Yell, shares ‘Next Exit‘, a stirring acid track which instantly impresses. Grace Stevenson, A.K.A Rebell Yell, is preparing to release her debut album, ‘Hired Muscle‘ on June 22nd.

The clip was premiered via Stoney Roads!

‘Next Exit’ is a fist pumping acid cut, which from the outset, radiates an underground rave vibe. Distorted synths and a crackling baseline underscore the track which is accompanied by a progressive-tech beat. The joint is hallmarked by an uncompromising rawness which gives it plenty of power. Not only would this track be suitable for the underground club scene, but it would translate perfectly to a renegade doof held in a picturesque industrial wasteland.

Rebel Yell explains how her latest release came to life, with the help of Patrick Hase who composed the accompanying video clip. ”One of the first songs written for the album, Next Exit is a techno track created from a home studio jam. A hard hitting techno burner. A visceral experience of noise and repetition, carving deep discordant tones into a neat electronic dance tune. Complemented by Patrick Hase’s complete face melt of a film clip,”

Hase suggests the origin of the film clip ”distils abstract 90s rave animation and video games into digital visual excess. It explores the illusion of movement within animation and games and the focus on forward momentum as a means of achievement.

'Flow Over Me' - New single from Sarah Mary Chadwick

Multi-instrumentalist and visual artist Sarah Mary Chadwick has shared a new single.

"Flow Over Me," taken from her forthcoming LP Sugar Still Melts In The Rain premiered via Blackbook Magazine who note, "there are moments when she strikingly recalls Nico." Sarah told them the track "is some deep psychoanalytic shit and you would hope so after what I've spent on therapy."

LISTEN to "Flow Over Me"

PURCHASE "Flow Over Me"

Sugar Still Melts In The Rain was recorded and mixed by friend, musician and filmmaker Geoffrey O'Connor in Vanity Lair and Phaedra Studios in Melbourne. Before embarking on a solo career, Sarah spent a decade fronting the awesome Batrider. Eventually becoming tired of the collaborative requirements intrinsic to band life, she shifted her focus to songwriting independently, drawing inspiration from "weird old New Zealand musicians" like Peter Jefferies, Chris Knox, and Australia's Pip Proud and the way they tinker away and work for decades for "little to no commercial success." This inspiration is obvious in Sarah's performance as she simultaneously savours and mocks the pedestal that her creativity affords her, acknowledging that "it's a position of power being on a microphone" and how "it's a desperate demand to be seen. It's funny and really sad."

SPOD's 'Day In The Sun'

SPOD is back with new single 'Day In The Sun', the first official single to be lifted from his upcoming album 'Adult Fantasy' out in August.

'Day In The Sun' is officially out this Friday, April 20.

Is 'Day In the Sun' SPOD's ticket to final fame and fortune? That guest spot on Rove?Topping the charts?

In SPOD's words "Keeping the pedal down through the mud of life can be an arduous task. Careening towards an unmarked goal, always looking forward for that lofty platform where you can look back at your tracks and think ‘hey, I made it, I kept the wheels spinning and now i’m here, having a cool time!’. Or did you just plough right through it, too busy to look up to see the clouds lift years back while you kept going at full speed toward the glory of personal success, never realising it’s blinking into oblivion in your rear view mirror. Was the platform just unremarkable or did it even exist? I’m watching my friends find their rays of light, mines gotta be just around the corner, right? Oh well, you just gotta keep the pedal to the metal till you run outta fuel coz life is a one way street, and i'm takin’ this caffeine fuelled 1997 Toyota V6 Camry Vienta straight to hell through the gateway of broken dreams… LA, baby!!"

Rebel Yell X Gussy 'STAINS'


Grace Stevenson AKA Rebel Yell has released her second single 'Stains' from upcoming debut album 'Hired Muscle'.

Continuing her notion of creating genuinely unique tracks which sit beautifully outside the norm, this new track is no exception. Featuring Gussy on vocals, 'Stains' is a truly awesome collaboration which will haunt you out on the dancefloor.

Gussy on what the song is about and how it came together - “I originally wrote the hook for ‘Stains’ for a different song but really struggled to make it work until Grace sent me this totally incredible and aggressive Rebel Yell demo and it found its home. The song is about how hard it is to scrub away the lasting effects of someone mistreating you and push forward with the memories of that.”.

Stevenson discusses the process working with Gussy "It’s a really interesting way to write a song, to make a beat (and add synth lines which I don’t usually do) and have it returned with vocals in a completely different sound. What Gussy did with vocals completely changed the song and it’s nice to have a track that shows a different side of Rebel Yell.”

The 'Stains' video clip was premiered by Pilerats, be sure to check out the piece HERE. Filmed in Brisbane by Briana Davis and starring Emma Caskey along with GUSSY and Stevenson herself. 'Stains' follows previous single 'Pressure Drop', both lifted from the upcoming debut album, which is making us all very excited.

Sarah Mary Chadwick New Album

Sarah Mary Chadwick has announced her new album Sugar Still Melts In The Rain out May 11!

Head to our store or Bandcamp to pre-order LP. First run comes with a limited edition print from the artist herself.

To listen to Sarah's music is to be a quiet observer to her thoughts on love, death and mental health. Sometimes this anguish bears itself in sullen, quiet moments, but more often torment manifests at the break of Sarah's voice as she sing-shouts painfully vulnerable, self-aware lyrics. This is all front and centre on Chadwick's newest "Sugar Still Melts In The Rain."

Chadwick is not a new face to Melbourne's music community. After moving to Australia from her native New Zealand to pursue a career in music, Sarah spent a decade fronting the grunge band Batrider. Eventually becoming tired of the collaborative requirements intrinsic to band life, Sarah shifted her focus to songwriting independently, drawing inspiration from "weird old New Zealand musicians" like Peter Jefferies, Chris Knox, and Australia's Pip Proud and the way they tinker away and work for decades for "little to no commercial success." This inspiration is obvious in Sarah's performance as she simultaneously savours and mocks the pedestal that her creativity affords her, acknowledging that "it's a position of power being on a microphone" and how "it's a desperate demand to be seen. It's funny and really sad."

Learning that Sarah's songwriting is thoroughly autobiographical is perhaps more unnerving than her artistic process of watching sexually charged movies to inspire her pornographic art. She drinks, she watches porn, she draws and she writes. When the blur of the evening fades, what remains is a colourful orgy on the page and Sarah's recollections immortalized in Sugar Still Melts In The Rain's "Wind Wool", "oh no I'm losing memory, did we just piss away time? And does it matter anyway, I'll die, you died, we die...". To Sarah Mary Chadwick, all tragedy is comedy.

Sugar Still Melts In The Rain marks her first release since 2016's Rice Is Nice LP 'Roses Always Die' and her first for her new label Sinderlyn (home to Homeshake, Jaye Bartell and Tim Cohen).Having already released three solo records, this album is her 4th solo work. It was recorded and mixed by friend, musician and filmmaker Geoffrey O'Connor in Vanity Lair and Phaedra Studios in Melbourne. The album came together so quickly partly as a result of the duo's commitment to efficiency and partly due to Sarah's lack of attachment to the idea of "the perfect vocal take."

She knows she isn't a virtuoso; tongue firmly in check, she is quick to reference those limitations mockingly. Yet, it's within those boundaries that she thrives, disinterested in the perfect take in lieu of her best take - unique, somber and raw.

Sugar Still Melts In The Rain

May 11, 2018

1 - Flow Over Me

2 - It's Never OK

3 - Bauble On A Chain

4 - Five Months

5 - Waiting On A Season

6 - Wind Wool

7 - I Won't Say Goodbye

8 - Sugar Still Melts In The Rain

9 - Dance Slowly

10 - Felt My Heart

11 - Become Foam

12 - Lost Overwhelmed And Unsafe

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SPOD's 'Boys Night' Clip!

In what has become the longest release window of a single song in human history, spanning from 2011 to 2018, we are excited to unveil the new clip for SPOD’s track, ‘Boys Night’.

The clip was premiered via Instagram stories last Friday, the first of it's kind!

Shot by SPOD with an iPhone on location in Los Angeles California on a Boys Night with a couple of mates. Featuring "Pete": Brendon Walsh from the almighty Bonezone amongst other thangs and "Rob": Doug Lussenhop aka Dj Douggpound (Tim & Eric, Eric Andre Show, Poundhouse, Poundcast). Another strong cameo goes to Whalehouse who close the clip as SPODs chorus.


Phillip Crandall, author of Andrew WK's 'I Get Wet 33 1/3', gets behind the track 'Boys Night' here:

SPOD. Purveyor of party.

From the 1900s until today, each and every song from the SPOD-alogue had been written, recorded, rad-ified, rip-roared, rear-end-tested, radio-blessed-ed, and road-perfected specifically for the partiest people SPOD has ever met on Earth: girls.

Today, SPOD has a jam for the boys.

'Boys Night' AKA 2016's Song of the Damn Year AKA 2016's Amends for the Damn Year, doesn't represent some seismic political shift or even thematic turn-of-face for our always-been-woke-and-also-always-had-a-face hero; rather, it represents a cool party zone rarely explored via sweet synthy vibes and Bandcamp compatibility. A critical read of the Boys Night text assures that, somewhere along SPOD's intra-planetary travels, it was witnessed just how the other 50.1% lives. Indeed, it was from those assholes that this festive phoenix did arise.

During the song's ascension, SPOD invited thousands if not literally billions of people to participate in a once-in-a-life, party-making opportunity. History will show that, on an otherwise totally 2016 Wednesday, SPOD posted a snippet of 'Boys Night' to a social media account, inviting man and woman alike to sing along and send back their recorded takes. The result? An anthemic gang-style chorus with slightly less than a billion but definitely more than 30 triumphant entries all synced up, uniting partiers the whole wide webbed world over in a celebratory experience one cannot begin to put a price on (though, if a Kickstarter project were to offer "Your Recorded Voice On a SPOD Song" as a pledge perk, it would totally be one of those end-all million-dollar pledges that has to incorporate all the previous perks too like the commemorative "Kickstart The Radness" t-shirt and autographed "Nerds!" bookmark).

How's that for some true bloody blue poetry?