Summer Flake announces new album 'Seasons Change'

Rice Is Nice + Summer Flake are proud to announce ‘Seasons Change’, the much-anticipated third album from Steph Crase aka Summer Flake. 'In The Dark' is the first single to be lifted from the forthcoming record. The song's playful drum breaks and big bold guitar riffs belie panicked rumination on how to find a way out of the gloom - a motif repeated throughout the album.

Summer Flake released their critically acclaimed debut LP ‘You Can Have It All’ via Rice Is Nice in 2013, following up with the lush, “melodic as fuck” sophomore album ‘Hello Friends’ in 2016. Now, we welcome the third chapter in Summer Flake’s brooding guitar pop trilogy.

Recorded between studios and home, ‘Seasons Change’ sees the return of audio engineers Geoffrey O’Connor (The Crayon Fields, Sly Hats) and Evelyn Ida Morris (Pikelet), James Mannix returns on drums and Antony Bourmas on bass.

‘Seasons Change’ sees Steph Crase consider ideas of self-identity, movement, and the indiscriminate yet deeply personal sense of yearning for growth. Following an organic, non-curated writing process, it was only with hindsight that Crase was able to realise the inter-connectedness of the themes present within the record, saying “I thought all the songs were such separate, free-standing, very different ideas. I’m slow to write, and usually just play with one idea at a time. I didn’t realise until near the end of production how tightly connected and repetitive the themes and lyrics were.”

Crase describes the album as having “more pace than my previous records - little flashes of optimism, upbeat moments, but still simmering with anxiety and panic, and the wobbling uncertain desire for change.

Produced during a 2 year period of personal, political and societal turbulence, 'Seasons Change' marks a point of timely personal introspection, looking backwards moving forwards. The recording process was marred by creative and personal struggles. Crase says "we rehearsed and recorded in fits and starts and long long pauses. So many plans were shredded and intentions inverted. I struggled with confidence, navigating how to realise my own vision, and connect with all the amazing creative people around me".

The new album 'Seasons Change' is lovingly delivered with the realisation that in the creative process you have to sometimes throw process and planning out the window. 'Seasons Change' tells a human story, one we all exist in together.

SPOD Announces New Album 'Adult Fantasy'

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Australia’s most uncelebrated national treasure has returned!

Rice Is Nice + SPOD are thrilled to present ‘Adult Fantasy’, the fourth studio album from SPOD, and his first full-length release in over five years.

SPOD has always been an artist that defies ‘easy’ categorisation. To understand the roots of the man and the myth, one must cast their minds back to 1995 - to a time in which two high school friends in Sydney were able to bond over a mutual admiration of Ween’s ‘Push Th’ Little Daisies’. With a borrowed four-track recorder, the pair looped grainy Beastie Boys beats onto a CD player, unknowingly drafting the beginnings of what would go on to become their new band, SPOD.

Evolving into a one man show, SPOD came of age within Sydney’s booming indie-electronic scene of the early 2000s. SPOD’s in your face live shows became synonymous with the musical landscape of the era, and were marked by an onslaught of a high energy, defiant ‘Up Yours’ attitude and crippling on stage honesty.

Now, SPOD is back, sitting somewhere between the cynicism of his youth and the impending doom and wisdom of old age.

Recorded in a self-built studio within a broken-down bus in Tasmania, ‘Adult Fantasy’ stays true to SPOD’s DIY creative process, one that he describes as “just open the gate and hang on for dear life”. The stunning album artwork is an original portrait painted by Tasmanian artist Zina Kurtschenko.

‘Adult Fantasy’ ruminates on the joys and pitfalls of growing older, and sees SPOD adopt a lyrical poignancy that journeys from the romance and sexual energy of making a life-long commitment, looking after yourself, fearing for your loved ones, getting online and a general terror of our mindless march into a political apocalypse.

'Sexual Fantasy' is the first single to be taken from the new record. A song about ways love can survive in the long stretch of a committed relationship. Keeping that candle alight, keeping the fantasy alive. Sensitivity, respect, passion. That’s the ticket! The kids are at Grandmas, the dogs are fed, work can wait. This secret is ours.

This special video clip for 'Sexual Fantasy' is taken from SPOD's upcoming "Adult Fantasy TV Special” a live full-length performance video of 'Adult Fantasy'. Shot and edited LIVE direct to tape created by SPOD and Alex Smith. Pre-order your very own copy on VHS here!

We are lucky enough to have Weirdo Wasteland are premiering the video right here, right now!

‘Adult Fantasy’ concludes with the finale track ‘Golden Gaytime’, which is a contender for The Guinness World Record for most special guests within one song. Some featured include; Henry Rollins, Jason Lytle (Grandaddy), DZ Deathrays, DJ Douggpound (Doug Lussenhop) Jack Ladder, John Early, Vic Berger IV, Ariel Pink, Stella Mozgawa, Rebel Yell and many more.

'Adult Fantasy’ is about accepting the inevitable fate of life, celebrating the march alone through the dark abyss of time, and of growing up and growing down, simultaneously.

‘Adult Fantasy’, the fourth album from the genius that is SPOD, will be released worldwide on July 19th via Rice Is Nice.

Sarah Mary Chadwick 'The Queen Who Stole The Sky'

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Sarah Mary Chadwick 'The Queen Who Stole The Sky' New album out April 12.


The prolific Sarah Mary Chadwick returns with ‘The Queen Who Stole The Sky’, an album performed and recorded live on Melbourne Town Hall’s 147 year-old grand organ.

Originally built in 1872, rebuilt in 1925 and refurbished in the 1990s, the Town Hall Organ is the largest Grand Romantic organ in the Southern Hemisphere.

In 2018, Sarah Mary Chadwick was commissioned by City of Melbourne to create an entirely new body of work, to be written and recorded in just three months on an instrument grand in size, sound and antiquity. A daunting task to some, but Sarah Mary Chadwick’s trademark writing style is one that instigates itself furiously - she feels and then begins to write, without ruminating or long periods of drawn out self-reflection.

What results from this process are songs that are completely undiluted in their spirit, and an ability to create vast volumes of work over relatively short periods of time.

‘The Queen Who Stole The Sky’ is a body of work that is undeniably commanding, yet punctuated by quieter points of intimacy. The songs have a narrative-like quality, unfolding themselves before their audience. Sarah Mary Chadwick's command of the grand organ is testament to her musicality – the sheer size of the instrument could so easily drown out the nuances of the songwriting – but not so for Sarah.

Sarah describes the songs as being mostly about rural isolation, death, and “the fact that I’m always waiting for life and it never arrives – it only ever leaves”.

‘The Queen Who Stole The Sky’ was performed live at Melbourne Town Hall in the winter of 2018. The album is a masterful production by Sarah Mary Chadwick, and in Sarah’s own words, is dedicated to “anyone who ever wanted a little bit more than what life had to offer them”.

‘The Queen Who Stole The Sky’ will be released via Rice Is Nice Records + Heavy Machinery Records (AUS) April 12 + via Sinderlyn Records (US / EU) April 19.


Buried Again video from Straight Arrows

Straight Arrows bring you a real BAD TRIP - euphoria meets terror on their longest and loudest song to date.

'Buried Again' is the latest single to be taken from the Straight Arrows' new album ON TOP - out NOW on Rice Is Nice Records.

Directed by consummate recluse, photographer Mclean Stevenson, this hypnotic clip is proudly premiered via RUSSH! Equally inspired by nights at long-departed Sydney kitsch/exotica club The Sounds of Seduction, urban psychedelics, and Jesco White the Dancing Outlaw.

Says Mclean: "I think I was high and I listened to the song and I thought 'this would suit an urban cowboy psych type thing, I'll use my little camcorder' and then I called Owen and he was into it and said he would grow a moustache. I remember I wanted to have a scene where Owen got electrocuted on a dance machine at timezone, but it got cut for some reason.”

'Buried Again' is embarrassingly the longest and most complex Straight Arrows song, featuring FIVE chords and counting in at a CLOCK DESTROYING 4 minutes. Brooding, hypnotic, smouldering and near-metronomic, climaxing in a squall of white-hot noise and feedback with an actually EXPENSIVE AMPLIFIER MELTING solo to send it away.

Watch Straight Arrows' Owen Penglis dance through a really HEAVY trip and be sure to catch the band on their upcoming 'Buried Again' tour this March.


Selina's, Coogee - Fri Mar 8

*** 🔛🔝​***​

The Lansdowne, Sydney Fri Mar 16

*** 🔛🔝​***​

The Tote, Collingwood Fri Mar 22

*** 🔛🔝​***

The Metro, Adelaide Sat Mar 23 image description image description

Straight Arrows New Video & Tour!

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In a world LOUSY with B-grade garage bands and wannabe punk rockers, Straight Arrows are back to show us all how it’s done!


"21st Century" is the first single to be lifted from the album and we are excited to unveil the awesome new music video for the track. Shot in the backend of Sydney's finest garbage disposal unit, the band seek their fate. Another award-winning clip by your best friend SPOD.

Not only are we giving you the clip of the year - THE STRAIGHT ARROWS ARE ON TOUR! Be sure to catch the band touring in support of their upcoming album release.

🌏 ✈️ 🌏DATES🌏 ✈️ 🌏

Fri Nov 9 - The Foundry, Brisbane w/ special guests

Sat Nov 10 - Marrickville Bowling Club w/ The Dandelion & Concrete Lawn

Wed Nov 14 - Rad Bar, Wollongong w/ Luke Spook and Slinky Red

Fri Nov 16 - Special location, Collingwood, Melbourne (same as last time) w/ School Damage & Parsnip

Sat Nov 17 - Shivoostock, Carringal

Lowtide REMIXED!


Following the release of their critically acclaimed album Southern Mind in February this year, Melbourne’s Lowtide return with Southern Mind Remixed. A project born out of boundless knowledge and joint love for the unique and experimental, this is yet another progression for Lowtide. With Ulrich Schnauss, Vive La Void (Sanae Yamada/Moon Duo), Josefin Ohrn and The Liberation, Lost Horizons (Simon Raymonde of Cocteau Twins + Richie Thomas formerly of Jesus and Mary Chain) and Black Cab taking the controls on a largely guitar-based album the output is inevitably extraordinary.

The first track to be released from the EP comes from Ulrich Schnauss; a pioneer of the genre and self-proclaimed admirer of the band, whose vast and synthesised expanse of the title track epitomises the project as a whole. Check out the Ulrich Schnauss remix of 'Southern Mind' below.

The Southern Mind Remixed EP is out worldwide on 9 November digitally and on an extremely limited hot pink 12”.

Melbourne’s Lowtide’s first began to crystallise into existence in 2009 and the current line-up includes guitarist Gabriel Lewis, bassist/vocalist Lucy Buckeridge, drummer Anton Jakovljevic and guitarist/vocalist Jeremy Cole.

Southern Mind Remixed Tracklist

  1. Southern Mind (Ulrich Schnauss Remix)
  2. Elizabeth Tower (Josefin Ohrn + The Liberation Remix)
  3. Window (Vive la Void Remix)
  4. Southern Mind (Black Cab Remix)
  5. Fault Lines (Lost Horizons Remix)

✨✨✨ Lowtide✨✨✨

Southern Mind Remixed Launch

Friday 30th November 2018

The Tote

w/ special guests No Sister, Premium Fantasy and Black Cab DJ's

Rice Is Nice Turns 10 At Melbourne Music Week!

We are turning 10 and celebrating this fact as part of Melbourne Music Week!

It's all happening at ACMI November 22. FREE ENTRY And featuring Straight Arrows + Richard In Your Mind + REBEL YELL + Sarah Mary Chadwick + SPOD + Summer Flake + Guest DJs: Lowtide + You Beauty + Doug Wallen.

Come help us celebrate this awesome milestone!

More info HERE

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Straight Arrows new album ON TOP!

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In a world LOUSY with B-grade garage bands and wannabe punk rockers, Straight Arrows are back to show us all how it’s done!

On Top will be released October 26 and we are excited to deliver the first single from the album '21st Century'.


Overflowing with unbridled energy, you’d be forgiven for thinking On Top was the band’s debut album, but the third record for the Sydney quartet sounds as vital and as exciting as ever. Having spent years touring their incendiary live show around Australia and the world, Straight Arrows have honed their fresh, reverb-laden, fuzzed out, psychedelic punk sound into pointed perfection with On Top. From the frantic buzzsaw of “Nothing To Me”, to the break-beat groove of “21st Century”, to the tender outsider folk of “Dead Weight”, to the mind-melting psych-out that is “Buried Again”, this is the sound of a band that isn’t short on ideas and isn’t afraid to push the envelope of what people expect a Straight Arrows record to be.

“Nothing's more boring than a bunch of the same guitar bullshit over and over again. We’ve taken the guitar bullshit, made it occasionally a little faster, and sometimes even a little slower too,” says vocalist, guitarist and chief songwriter Owen Penglis with a cheeky grin.

Cleary he and his bandmates have cast a wider sonic net this time around, largely influenced by Penglis’ love of crate digging and his vast musical knowledge of the detritus of pop culture’s past. “Over the writing of this thing I was listening to a lot of 60s and 70s private press LPs from the USA, weird bubblegum, private press 45s from Australia, and a whole heap of 60s Jamaican rocksteady singles. Al (Grigg guitar/vocals) reckons 'Gun Man' sounds a little rocksteady-ish, but I think he’s wrong and it’d be embarrassing for a bunch of Australians to attempt these sounds.”

Much like everything else they’ve done, On Top was completely created on their own terms. Produced and mixed by Penglis himself, the album seems to be more direct than the band’s previous efforts, bringing a clarity to their sound without losing any of the ramshackle charm that has earnt Straight Arrows a worldwide cult following. This aural evolution is something that has happened more by chance than by any conscious choice. “As a group of gifted amateurs it sometimes happens that through repetition and long tours we've improved at our craft, despite our best efforts to the contrary,” laughs Penglis.

Released locally through Rice Is Nice (SPOD, Sarah Mary Chadwick, Rebel Yell) and in the UK/Europe by Agitated (The Icarus Line, The Scientists, Royal Sitars) this November, On Top is the riveting next episode in the ongoing Straight Arrows saga. “The first album is It’s Happening, the second is Rising, so it only makes sense by this point that we'd eventually make it On Top!!” says Penglis. “Plus it’s WAY more flattering than 'Peaked'.”


Richard In Your Mind's 'Super Love Brain'

Psychedelic pop quintet, Richard In Your Mind, are set to release their fifth studio album and first full-length release since 2014, Super Love Brain, this September 21.

Recorded between Sydney’s REC Studios and the band’s lush, forest-lined Blue Mountains home studio set-up, Super Love Brain is expansive, atmospheric and dynamic – a measured reaction to the physical landscape from which it was created. Thematically, the album transverses between three solid points of reference. ‘Super’, is the ecstatic experience, like the music itself – full power. ‘Love’, from the loss of love, to friendship, to coming-of-age love, to obsession, and ‘Brain’, a dedication to the attempt to understand the machine that drives it all.

All I Can Do is our first taste of the upcoming album.

The ten track LP weaves abstract, guitar-driven pop melodies with whirling, echoed Magical Mystery Tour-esque vocals. The highest moments of Super Love Brain dance on the edge of perfect chaos, building upon themselves over and over again before returning to settle within the grounding, rhythmical percussion work of Carlos Adura (The Strides, The Tambourine Girls). There are moments of joy and elation, bookended by moments of introversion and darkness. Richard Cartwright describes the experiences behind these emotional shifts, from the sense of contentment and meaning that came with the birth of his first child, to the unexpected strangeness and disconnect after learning of the tragic death of a young friend.

Cartwright describes the album cover artwork, by artist and musician Myles Heskett, as a visual representation of the sound: “the picture we used really reminds me of a pastoral scene, a kind of hidden map to a magical landscape, with rainbow wheel sunrises and hidden dark towers, and roads and rivers rambling across space”.

Super Love Brain is set for release on September 21st via Rice Is Nice.

Check out the video for single 'All I Can Do'.


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Rebel Yell is a demon-like force producing some of the most mesmerizing and brooding bangers. Fearlessly pushing the boundaries of Australia’s club scene, Rebel Yell is a powerful megahex of techno, industrial and haunting beats, guaranteed to possess the dance floor with heavy bass lines and hypotonic mechanical rhythms.

Debut album 'Hired Muscle' is officially out now!

A limited run of flick knife USB's have been released to celebrate this awesome new album. Head to our BANDCAMP to see if you can catch yourself a nailfile with real purpose.

'Toxic' was the latest track to be lifted from the upcoming album and we are excited to announce it's video premiere via partners NOISEY!

More exciting premieres follow with next single 'Power City' being premiered on RAGE this Friday night! What a way to celebrate release day. Rebel Yell was also invited to guest program RAGE which will air June 30! Be sure to tune in this Friday just after midnight (so technically Saturday) to catch this awesome clip and tune!

If that is not enough Rebel Yell for you, tune into Triple J's MIX UP this Saturday, June 23 where Grace will be dropping all the beats and you can also head to The Music and go on a virtual tour of Japan! Cat cafe's? Yes please.

Let's not forget the 'Hired Muscle' Tour happening this July. Bringing together friends and talent curated by Rebel Yell to celebrate the release.


Saturday 7 July

Sydney // Hex Yellow

Location TBA


All information HERE

Thursday 12 July

Brisbane // The Foundry

Free Entry

Joined by:


Tralala Blip

and DJs


Lil Pom Pom

All information HERE

Friday 13 July

Melbourne Launch // The Tote - Upstairs

$10 + bf

Joined by:

Brooke Powers DJ




All information HERE