SPOD Announces New Album 'Adult Fantasy'

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Australia’s most uncelebrated national treasure has returned!

Rice Is Nice + SPOD are thrilled to present ‘Adult Fantasy’, the fourth studio album from SPOD, and his first full-length release in over five years.

SPOD has always been an artist that defies ‘easy’ categorisation. To understand the roots of the man and the myth, one must cast their minds back to 1995 - to a time in which two high school friends in Sydney were able to bond over a mutual admiration of Ween’s ‘Push Th’ Little Daisies’. With a borrowed four-track recorder, the pair looped grainy Beastie Boys beats onto a CD player, unknowingly drafting the beginnings of what would go on to become their new band, SPOD.

Evolving into a one man show, SPOD came of age within Sydney’s booming indie-electronic scene of the early 2000s. SPOD’s in your face live shows became synonymous with the musical landscape of the era, and were marked by an onslaught of a high energy, defiant ‘Up Yours’ attitude and crippling on stage honesty.

Now, SPOD is back, sitting somewhere between the cynicism of his youth and the impending doom and wisdom of old age.

Recorded in a self-built studio within a broken-down bus in Tasmania, ‘Adult Fantasy’ stays true to SPOD’s DIY creative process, one that he describes as “just open the gate and hang on for dear life”. The stunning album artwork is an original portrait painted by Tasmanian artist Zina Kurtschenko.

‘Adult Fantasy’ ruminates on the joys and pitfalls of growing older, and sees SPOD adopt a lyrical poignancy that journeys from the romance and sexual energy of making a life-long commitment, looking after yourself, fearing for your loved ones, getting online and a general terror of our mindless march into a political apocalypse.

'Sexual Fantasy' is the first single to be taken from the new record. A song about ways love can survive in the long stretch of a committed relationship. Keeping that candle alight, keeping the fantasy alive. Sensitivity, respect, passion. That’s the ticket! The kids are at Grandmas, the dogs are fed, work can wait. This secret is ours.

This special video clip for 'Sexual Fantasy' is taken from SPOD's upcoming "Adult Fantasy TV Special” a live full-length performance video of 'Adult Fantasy'. Shot and edited LIVE direct to tape created by SPOD and Alex Smith. Pre-order your very own copy on VHS here!

We are lucky enough to have Weirdo Wasteland are premiering the video right here, right now!

‘Adult Fantasy’ concludes with the finale track ‘Golden Gaytime’, which is a contender for The Guinness World Record for most special guests within one song. Some featured include; Henry Rollins, Jason Lytle (Grandaddy), DZ Deathrays, DJ Douggpound (Doug Lussenhop) Jack Ladder, John Early, Vic Berger IV, Ariel Pink, Stella Mozgawa, Rebel Yell and many more.

'Adult Fantasy’ is about accepting the inevitable fate of life, celebrating the march alone through the dark abyss of time, and of growing up and growing down, simultaneously.

‘Adult Fantasy’, the fourth album from the genius that is SPOD, will be released worldwide on July 19th via Rice Is Nice.