Rebel Yell returns with second LP 'Fall From Grace' Out July 10

We are thrilled to announce 'Fall From Grace', the sophomore LP from powerhouse Rebel Yell, will be released through Rice Is Nice Records on July 10th.


Grace Stevenson, the artist behind Rebel Yell, is self-reflexive and enquiring, and Fall from Grace encourages listeners to do more than shut up and dance. Fall from Grace is club music for the overthinker, a powerful cry to try and understand an increasingly confusing world through the body, beat and groove.

Using hard music to explore soft ideas – Rebel Yell gives a voice to the binaries that are present within all of us. Fall From Grace sees Stevenson tackle her own vulnerabilities, reworking them through the persona of Rebel Yell to create fresh, hypnotic and unapologetic techno that you ignore at your peril. This record is a testament to weathering our difficulties, emerging from them with a clearer picture of what we really stand for.

Lead single “Anti-Club Music” exemplifies the strength of material on the LP. Featuring R. T. FAX, the tongue-in-cheek track features prowling bass and mantric lyrics. Condensing the frustration of many nights dealing with shitty clubs and tech house bros, the central hook of “Too much groove” serves to remind that sometimes four-on-the-floor really is best.

Following the release of her debut album Hired Muscle in 2018, Rebel Yell toured Australia, Japan, the UK and Europe, linking up with fellow DIY creative forces and performing in underground venues and clubs across the world. 2019 saw Rebel Yell perform at Splendour In The Grass and Dark Mofo festivals, as well as countless national tours, before dedicating the remainder of the year to writing and recording her sophomore LP, Fall From Grace.

After receiving a grant from Music NSW to fund her new work, Stevenson shacked up in a remote area in the Blue Mountains, using the space and solitude to write what would become the foundations of Fall From Grace. Antonia Gauci was then brought on to produce and record the album and mastered by Phoebe Twigg (Ptwiggs).

If nothing else, maybe jumping around to this record while you’re stuck inside will be more fun than trying to find a workout video on YouTube that isn't so... perky. But beyond that, Fall from Grace serves two crucial purposes - as a shout of defiance against giving in to despair and complacency, and as a much-needed reminder that we will, one day, unite again.