Southern Mind - Lowtide

Lowtide - Southern Mind

Digital download of Lowtide's second album

Southern Mind MstrD1 trimd.wav
ALIBI MstrD4 trimd.wav
Elizabeth Tower MstrD1 trimd.wav
A.C MstrD1.wav
Olinda MstrD1 trimd.wav
On The Fence MstrD1 trimd.wav
The Fear MstrD2 trimd.wav
Window MstrD1.wav
Fault Lines MstrD2.wav

“Instead of banking purely on swirling guitar effects, Lowtide exploit rhythm and space. A perfect mix of the driving and drifting, with songs changing shape right before our ears." - Rolling Stone

“There is a synthesis of aural texture and melodic sensibility on Lowtide’s long-awaited debut album that’s so compelling it verges on hypnotic.” - The Age

“Having not seen them before but only having only heard good things, it is quickly apparent to all in attendance that they do not just live up to the hype but surpass it completely.” - Tone Deaf