We Have Secrets But Nobody Cares - CD - Seja

Seja - We Have Secrets But Nobody Cares - CD


Seja’s brother Mirko produced, mixed and mastered the album, allowing its wide spaces to be further opened, and amplified the instrumentation is virtually all vintage electronics (Seja is known for her loyalty to vintage synths), and it’s with a simple, neat song structure we hear the stuff of classic pop. But the context is modern, and lyrically a touch hard-nosed, too busy living the present to be looking over its shoulder, ala ‘80s fans and alumni M83, granted it’s always in a dream. Crumbly, hand-crafted synth tones evoke such dreaminess, but the thematic focus of We Have Secrets But Nobody Cares never loses its way. Despite what Seja may tell you in a song.

  1. I’ll get to you
  2. Through the backstreets
  3. Framed you in fiction
  4. Fire this fuel
  5. Delay
  6. A million wheels
  7. One year later
  8. Sing me the song like you said
  9. Silver in my eye
  10. We can’t see past our hands
  11. We begin
  12. Wir haben geheimnisse
  13. Between a slur