Here We Go Down The Black Hole - DIGITAL - Shady Lane

Shady Lane - Here We Go Down The Black Hole - DIGITAL

One Full Day Of Learning Things
Absolute Truth
This Is Death
Oh My God Again
Who Is The Host?
Oh, Reality
Death Came Awful Slow
Ouch, My Head
Oh My God
Who Isn't Here With Me Tonight?
Here We Go, Down The Black Hole

This is a beautiful record. Now only available digitally.

The culmination of a project which began late in 2004, Here We Go… was almost all recorded and self-produced from Jordy’s various homes as he moved around Sydney’s inner-West. It’s this bedroom-fidelity that allowed him to so effectively capture and reproduce the dreamy, contemplative and occasionally abstract moods you can only arrive at in your own space and time. With occasional backing vocals from Sarah Kelly (on ‘Galileo’) and Kaity Fox (on ‘Oh My God’), and cello from Ella Colley (on ‘This Is Death’ and ‘Oh My God Again’), the majority of the album is just Jordy, his pensive mind, his captivating voice and his computer.

  1. One Full Day OF Learning Things
  2. Galileo
  3. Absolute Truth
  4. This Is Death
  5. Oh My God
  6. Who Is The Host
  7. Oh Reality
  8. Death Came Awful Slow
  9. Ouch My Head
  10. Oh My God Again
  11. Who Isn’t Here With Me Tonight
  12. Here We Go Down The Black Hole