Superfrenz - SPOD

SPOD - Superfrenz

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2 Tite
Time Maggots Eating the Flesh of Destiny
So Exciting
Make U Sweat

The instrumentation of these recordings range from game boys and other video game machines, live drums, keys, piano, acoustic guitar, electric guitar and bass, this, creating at bare minimum, an eclectic record of all sorts. SPOD recorded and produced the entire record independently in the various studios. Then on to dealings with the genius mixing works of Mirko Vogel (sekiden), cameo appearance from Jonboyrock on track ‘Dead’ (hard ons) and finally Shellac’s own Bob Weston mastering the record (woo!). This album also includes a real deal bonus secret track sh…..

  1. Dangerzone
  2. 2 Tight 2 Mention
  3. Dead
  4. Afterparty
  5. Cats!
  6. Time Maggots Eating The Flesh Of Destiny
  7. Blubberponies
  8. Norx
  9. So Exciting
  10. Make U Sweat
  11. Nitefallz
  12. Bodytalk