Hello Friends - Vinyl Record - Summer Flake

Summer Flake - Hello Friends - Vinyl Record


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Hello Friends is Summer Flake's new incredible follow up album!

Hello Friends marks a new era for Melbourne-via-Adelaide musician Stephanie Crase having enlisted the production finesse of Geoffrey O’Connor to propel her idiosyncratically sun-drunk guitar pop into new and lusher territories.

Hello Friends continues Crase’s tendency for the thoughtful arrangements, ’90s-tinged frankness and dizzying harmonies that have led her from strength to strength, this time adding a deeper layer of emotional reflection to an already enduring sound.

These songs, as delicate as a snowflake on a summer beach, succeed in unmooring one from the drudgeries of place and time

“Crase’s dulcet harmonies and thoughtful arrangements suggest she’ll have no trouble holding her on own.” Noisey

“We love this band” Henry Rollins KCRW

“The melody — angelic at times, nearly deadpan at others — emanates Australia. Artists like Courtney Barnett have really started paving the way for this uniquely sunburnt brand of indie folk, and Summer Flake is taking it down a bright new road.” Indie Shuffle

“This particular riff builds up such hypnotic momentum that when “Shoot And Score” reaches its abrupt ending, it leaves you wanting more. “Shoot and score, take what’s yours,” Crase sings, perhaps forecasting her group’s inevitable rise to prominence.” Stereogum