Jersey Flegg - YOU BEAUTY

YOU BEAUTY - Jersey Flegg

Digital album

01. Jersey Flegg.wav
02. Mennal Mondays.wav
03.Scent Of My Youth.wav
04.Ann Maree.wav
05.Now Her Skirt.wav
06. Crummy Thoughts.wav
07.Drop Me Now.wav
08.Healing Spirit.wav
10.Off The Bench.wav

You Beauty’s debut album Jersey Flegg is a pub rock opera about life picking you up like a sack of wheat and grinding you into the dry turf and baked earth of a suburban footy pitch.

Jersey Flegg follows a 90’s rugby league legend who has to face himself and his past after he has his heart broken by a children’s TV starlet. As he watches his game fall apart and gets booted off the team, you’ve gotta wonder whether he’ll ever get out of the gutter and OFF THE BENCH.