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"unequivocally badass" - Rookie Magazine.

"a rock'n'roll force to be reckoned with" - The Short List

“Angie shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon”Oyster Magazine

“Sublime.” –  The Music

"almost uncomfortably intimate without revealing too many personal details—minimal and breathtaking in a similar way to Cat Power or Shannon Wright (though she’s no sound-alike)." - Bandcamp

“‘Free Agent’ is a power punch of lo-fi grunge paired with stratospheric melodies”Music Feeds

“It’s an album that adds nuance to the traditional guitar-driven sound and is a testament to Angie’s strength as a songwriter.” – Weirdo Wasteland 

  One of our most exciting musicians, whose guises include Circle Pit, Southern Comfort, Ruined Fortune and Straight Arrows and with 2 solo LP’s already under her belt, Angie is back with yet another brilliant record titled Shyness.

Although fixated on exploring and expanding the rock and roll genre in the 21st Century, Shyness is a quiet aside to an ever expanding body of work from Sydney based Artist and Musician Angela Garrick.

Opening track 'A Ring' is the first offering from Shyness and is "a response to non-physical utterances, strange coincidences, objects as emotional metaphors, and spaces in between events and people" explains Angie. The song leads from a loop of three chords, and returns to it time and time again, like a cyclical thought that is calming but slightly haunting. The piano comes to dominate the conclusion, and was improvised in the studio at the suggestion of my amazing engineer and producer Jonathan Hochman.

Continuing the thematic and instrumental questions brought up by Free Agent (released in 2015), Shyness presents a series of compositions formed in and around a grand piano. The record presents quiet moments, improvisations tied down, and an almost folk sensibility centered by piano, acoustic and electric guitar. Recorded by Jonathan Hochman (Holy Balm) the work moves between Satie-esque piano pieces towards Tangerine Dream melodies executed on electrics and through to the more contemporary quiet songform of Cat Power or Nico.

The ever evolving Angie continues to impress and intrigue with Shyness.

Shyness will be presented on 12" vinyl and digital format through Rice is Nice & DERO Arcade.


  1. A Ring
  2. Nothing In Store
  3. D
  4. Inside Time
  5. On Being Blue
  6. A Strange Sound
  7. This House 03:15
  Screen Shot 2017-02-13 at 11.14.52 AM

Free Agent was conceived and formed during a number of solitary stints around the world; periods of uninterrupted reflection which gave rise to a long awaited outpouring of creativity. As a prolific writer, musician and collaborator, Angie’s solo work has historically provided an outlet for more personal expression. And Free Agent is no different. If Turning was intended to be listened to lying on the floor in a darkened room, Free Agent marks a new chapter in Angie’s evolution. Imbued with more optimism and bravery than before, the album was written during her time as just that - a free agent. A time of exploration both literally and metaphorically, tasting freedom and a shifting of perspective. Time to turn on the light and get out of the room.

Initial writing for Free Agent began in Paris with just one song, but the album really came together during Angie’s time in Brazil. On her return to Sydney, Angie started tracking in Straight Arrows bandmate Owen Penglis’ studio, who produced and engineered the album. Having shared both stage and studio space over a number of years, the pair fell into a rhythm of working together and recording that gave each the space to do their thing.

The resulting tracks come together as a collective of glorious self-expression, manifested through raw sounds and power, fuzzed guitar and soaring solos, all topped with Angie’s distinctive vocals. Each song holds a definite theme; from the cruelty of social conditioning and the hard-learned lessons therein on Paris Face & Ricky's Street (?), to the frustrations of a concussion that inspired Breathing In Blue. "

The first single Out Of Age offers a stomping teaser of what’s to come. A tribute to power pop, anthemic and hypnotic, with a solo that ‘goes against the vocal melody, and tried to lift, counter it and dominate.’ When describing writing this song, Angie affirmed that ‘It was already there, in the stars. I just had to pull it down.’

Followed by second single Down For The Count, released in July of this year, a brooding yet strangely uplifting track. Arriving in a moment of pure inspiration, the entire song was first recorded on Angie’s phone when she jumped off the bus after the melody came into her head. Titled with a phrase used by her grandfather, who would say ‘down for the count’ when it was time to sleep, it is also a boxing reference. Down for the count; knocked out and unconscious, but at the same time living through some real experience.!

Video clips for both Out Of Age and Down For The Count were created by Angie, collages of iPhone footage, Super 8 film and her own artwork. The video for Down For The Count premiered on Rookie Magazine, accompanied by an interview about her new release.

Free Agent illustrates the next incarnation of Angie, formed from fragments of experiences, philosophies and travels. Both a sonic and a personal exploration.

  1. Breathing In Blue
  2. Crocodile Tears
  3. Down For The Count
  4. Crocodile Tears (Reprise)
  5. A Man Asleep
  6. Out of Age
  7. Paris Face
  8. Ricky’s Street
  9. The Bell Rings True

2nd Single off the LP 'Free Agent' Released by Rice is Nice and Glen-Livet-A-Gogh, released September 2015.
Produced and Engineered by Owen Penglis at Goliath Professional Recording Studio.
Video comprised of drawings, ink paintings made by Angie. Premiered via Rookie Mag

ANGIE - OUT OF AGE from Bermuda Video on Vimeo.


Her debut album Turning  was produced and recorded by Owen Penglis (Straight Arrows) at his home studio in Sydney in 2013. Drums and percussion are by Owen and bass, rhythm guitar, lead guitar, organ and vocals by Angie. Production assistance by Lincoln Brown (Housewives) and additional vocals by Nathan John Roche.

The songs themselves have been burgeoning, shining, turning, for a long time.. devised through half melodies returning in wake and sleep, wine and coffee, confidence and paranoia.. themes spurred from a myriad of notebooks recounting travels in North America, Croatia, Cambodia, Turkey, and everyday life in Australia. The melodies have been floating around for years in loose form, only now to be assigned their rightful place.


Angie - Turning Album Cover
01. Do Yourself Right
02. Shadow Twin
03. Stars and Dust
04. Shared Futures
05. Missing Out
06. Wandering
07. Parallels
08. A Certain Friend