YB by Chris Frape

2011 saw Donny Benét bursting onto the scene with the release of his debut album Don’t Hold Back. Armed with a Drum Machine, Fender Rhodes and a Moog Synthesizer with a pitch bender that won’t stop, Donny stepped up to the plate and delivered a sound full of sophistication, sexuality and street heat. Don’t Hold Back. Sophisticated Lover. The Girls of Japan. Let’s Make it Right Tonight. These songs were the new take of Italo Disco Funk that would make even legendary disco producer Giorgio Moroder feel like a proud Uncle. Being on the road lends itself to newfound life experiences, heartache, beautiful women and party time. Inspired by these experiences, new material was written while on the road, leaving and no emotional stone was left unturned. Returning to the famous Donnyland studios in early 2012, Benét began to craft his ever important follow-up album Electric Love. Aided by the finest analogue synthesizers and drum machines, Donny began the process of transferring raw heat and emotion onto tape. Treat Yourself. Electric Love. Gimme Your Heat. You Want to Win all the Time. These were the new anthems for the summer of 2012. After a successful run of Donny Benet Dinner and Show w/special guests in early 2013, Donny just couldn’t get enough of the talent on offer. Assembling a cast of his favourite Australian artists Jack Ladder, Kirin J Callinan, SPOD, Geoff O’Connor, Isabella Manfredi and Elana Stone, Donny invited them to the famous Donnyland studios to co-write material for a new collaboration album - Weekend at Donny’s. Written during 2013 amongst international touring, recording, television appearances and small business openings, schedules were juggled and memories were made. The results of Weekend at Donny’s provide an insight into the minds of the exciting talent found in the Australian music scene. Scenes of love, despair, hope, risk, chivalry, incarceration, marital aids, admiration, love triangles, European fashion and libraries are played out in Weekend at Donny’s.   Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 10.35.48 AM


Donny Benet - Electric Love Album Cover
01. All 4 You 02. Electric Love 03. Treat Yourself 04. Gimme Your Heart 05. Julia 06. She's Too Much 07. What Becomes Of Me (When You've Gone) 08. You Want To Win All The Time 09. You'll Make It In LA 10. You're The One
ABOUT THE RELEASE Hip thrusting beats are delivered through legendary drum machines such as the Sequential Circuits Drumtraks, Acetone Rhythm Ace, LinnDrum and Oberheim DX, taking the listener to 1983 Eastern Europe and 1984 Venice Beach. The Roland Jupiter 6, Oberheim Matrix 6, and the legendary Yamaha DX7 provided the smooth pads and knife sharp synth stabs, which paid homage to the Minneapolis sound. A retired Greek disco recording artist and family friend of the Benét's was kind enough to donate a Stradivarius string synthesizer to Donnyland, provided the sensitive touch to Electric Love. Donnny, played all of the instruments on Electric Love with the exception of the blistering and emotionally charged saxophone solos, which were performed by Donny's brother Dan. The sweet voice of Elana Stone was enlisted to provide background vocals.


Donny Benet - Don't Hold Back Album Artwork

01. Don't Hold Back 02. Sophisticated Lover 03. Don't Leave Me Stranded 04. Takin' The Heat 05. The Touch (Rented Lover) 06. Tropical Fever 07. Girls Of Japan 08. Lets Make It Right, Tonight 09. You'll Find Love Again
ABOUT THE RELEASE 2011 has heralded the new era of Donny Benét. Due to the apparent lack of interest in disco accordion and Jazz bass playing Donny has taken the plunge and recorded his debut album in the famous Donny Land Studios. Armed with a Drum Machine, Fender Rhodes and a Moog Synthesizer with a pitch bender that won't stop, Donny has worked hard to create an album that will hopefully make him the most famous disco accordion/jazz bassist of the 21st century.