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"Rebel Yell is not just a voice you can find on the dancefloor, but an important one that should be more recognised" - Pilerats

“Her sound is impressively distinct: noxious, militaristic and properly industrial.” – Kate Hennesy, The Guardian

“It’s both confronting and cathartic, but above all, a great piece of music.” – Indie Shuffle

"Rebel Yell is as stylish as it is terrifying. It’ll put you in fear of your life, but in the process it will really make you move."  - 4ZZZ

"Rebel Yell’s new track celebrates the power of the mean girl” – i-D

Rebel Yell returns with second LP 'Fall From Grace' Out July 10

We are thrilled to announce 'Fall From Grace', the sophomore LP from powerhouse Rebel Yell, will be released through Rice Is Nice Records on July 10th.


Grace Stevenson, the artist behind Rebel Yell, is self-reflexive and enquiring, and Fall from Grace encourages listeners to do more than shut up and dance. Fall from Grace is club music for the overthinker, a powerful cry to try and understand an increasingly confusing world through the body, beat and groove.

Using hard music to explore soft ideas – Rebel Yell gives a voice to the binaries that are present within all of us. Fall From Grace sees Stevenson tackle her own vulnerabilities, reworking them through the persona of Rebel Yell to create fresh, hypnotic and unapologetic techno that you ignore at your peril. This record is a testament to weathering our difficulties, emerging from them with a clearer picture of what we really stand for.

Lead single “Anti-Club Music” exemplifies the strength of material on the LP. Featuring R. T. FAX, the tongue-in-cheek track features prowling bass and mantric lyrics. Condensing the frustration of many nights dealing with shitty clubs and tech house bros, the central hook of “Too much groove” serves to remind that sometimes four-on-the-floor really is best.

Following the release of her debut album Hired Muscle in 2018, Rebel Yell toured Australia, Japan, the UK and Europe, linking up with fellow DIY creative forces and performing in underground venues and clubs across the world. 2019 saw Rebel Yell perform at Splendour In The Grass and Dark Mofo festivals, as well as countless national tours, before dedicating the remainder of the year to writing and recording her sophomore LP, Fall From Grace.

After receiving a grant from Music NSW to fund her new work, Stevenson shacked up in a remote area in the Blue Mountains, using the space and solitude to write what would become the foundations of Fall From Grace. Antonia Gauci was then brought on to produce and record the album and mastered by Phoebe Twigg (Ptwiggs).

NME premiered the video, check it here!

If nothing else, maybe jumping around to this record while you’re stuck inside will be more fun than trying to find a workout video on YouTube that isn't so... perky. But beyond that, Fall from Grace serves two crucial purposes - as a shout of defiance against giving in to despair and complacency, and as a much-needed reminder that we will, one day, unite again.

Debut album 'Hired Muscle' is out now!


Rebel Yell is a demon-like force producing some of the most mesmerizing and brooding bangers. Fearlessly pushing the boundaries of Australia’s club scene, Rebel Yell is a powerful megahex of techno, industrial and haunting beats, guaranteed to possess the dance floor with heavy bass lines and hypotonic mechanical rhythms.

Rebel Yell has had a plethora of single premieres to support this release.

The latest singles lifted from the album were 'Toxic' which was premiered via NOISEY and 'Power City' clip via RAGE on release day.

Over the last few years, we've found ourselves returning to Rebel Yell's discography time and time again, mostly in search of forward-thinking, club-centric electro-pop which always feels like a breath of fresh air. The Sydney-based musician is a multi-talented force who, across a stream of releases since 2016, has consistently proved herself to be a boundary-pushing name of the future, taking this classic electro-pop sound and adapting it to changing climates as she twists and turns above warping beats and thick rhythms, leaping between sounds and sub-genres as her discography leaps alongside.

The last 12 months have felt particularly defining for Rebel Yell, coming off the back of an eight-track release HIRED MUSCLE last year (which featured other forward-thinking names in Gussy and Pillow Pro), while following it up earlier this year with With You, a charming return that saw her meet rising indie-pop name and fellow Pilerats favourite Exhibitionist for an extension of her distinct pulse. Today, however, she's stepping up once again, re-launching into the spotlight with Night Drive. Musically, Night Drive brings thumping acid-house rhythms and relentless bass pulses together for a track that feels like a new chapter, showing nods to her past work - like the acid-house-tinged High Authority a few years back - while putting a firm step forward into the future.

It feels like a club-driven ode to this Europe-centric tech-house movement interpreted with Rebel Yell's signature edge, and if you go a bit deeper, you'll also find there's a bit more to chew in Night Drive. As she explains, Night Drive is an empowering club anthem about confidence and self-assurance in the woman's body, with the single's heavy pulse only feeling more pronounced as she chants about keeping safe as a woman in 2019 above it. It's a timely track, considering Australia's worsening culture of domestic abuse and gender-specific violence, and it's one that shows that Rebel Yell is not just a voice you can find on the dancefloor, but an important one that should be more recognised as well. Check it out with its official video clip below, directed by Jos Eastwood & Rebel Yell herself.


‘Next Exit’ is a fist pumping acid cut, which from the outset, radiates an underground rave vibe. Distorted synths and a crackling baseline underscore the track which is accompanied by a progressive-tech beat. The joint is hallmarked by an uncompromising rawness which gives it plenty of power. Not only would this track be suitable for the underground club scene, but it would translate perfectly to a renegade doof held in a picturesque industrial wasteland.

'Stains' is another single lifted from the album which continue's Rebel Yells notion of creating genuinely unique tracks which sit beautifully outside the norm, this new track is no exception. Featuring 'Gussy on vocals, 'Stains' is a truly awesome collaboration which will haunt you out on the dancefloor.


Gussy on what the song is about and how it came together - “I originally wrote the hook for ‘Stains’ for a different song but really struggled to make it work until Grace sent me this totally incredible and aggressive Rebel Yell demo and it found its home. The song is about how hard it is to scrub away the lasting effects of someone mistreating you and push forward with the memories of that.” Stevenson discusses the process working with Gussy "It’s a really interesting way to write a song, to make a beat (and add synth lines which I don’t usually do) and have it returned with vocals in a completely different sound. What Gussy did with vocals completely changed the song and it’s nice to have a track that shows a different side of Rebel Yell.” Filmed in Brisbane by Briana Davis and starring Emma Caskey along with GUSSY and Stevenson herself. 'Stains' follows previous single 'Pressure Drop', both lifted from the upcoming debut album, which is making us all very excited. Rebel Yell, aka Grace Stevenson made her mark with her killer debut EP Mother of Millions last year. She returned in 2017 with new single and clip for ‘High Authority‘ premiered on i-D! ‘High Authority’ stands on its own, sharing a glimpse of the developed sound for Rebel Yell. From working with an upgraded gear set-up to experiencing a new life as a solo performer, ‘High Authority’ gets mean. It’s obvious she knows where she stands and is out to get what she wants. Breaking through with a punchy EBM banger, ‘High Authority’ takes Rebel Yell out of the low-fi production sphere and into a new dance element. Lyrically repetitive in nature, drumming in the fact that Rebel Yell is the boss, she’s your boss. 2018 sees Rebel Yell releasing her debut album 'Hired Muscle'this June. This announcement comes alongside her latest delivery 'Pressure Drop'. BUY PRESSURE DROP HERE - 'Pressure Drop' is a song describing a Rebel Yell set, a track about experiencing the night and dancing - "Rebel yell, feel the pressure". Stevenson creates a heavy, haunting experience within her music. With a Korg ESX-1, volca bass and vocal processor amongst others in tow, Rebel Yell is a musical enforcer, her music effortlessly convinces or reminds you, that she is the boss.   Rebel Yel High Authority Thumbnail Head to our store to get a copy of the new single and also the debut EP 'Mother Of Millions'    'Never Perfection' was the first single to be taken from Rebel Yell's debut EP 'Mother Of Millions'.  Grace Stevenson is the individual behind Rebel Yell, creating brooding, industrial, electronic music. With a Korg ESX-1 and Metal zone pedal amongst others in tow Rebel Yell creates a heavy, haunting experience. Rebel Yell was formed from multiple influential experieces. One was experiencing a showcase with Lucy Cliche, Video Easy and Sarah Spencer which opened Stevenson up to industrial music. When asked specifically about new solo project Rebel Yell (Stevenson also plays in Brisbane band 100%) Stephenson talks about finding inspiration from 'dark tech' CDR's and the soundtrack from 'Hackers'. "somehow this real dark, tech started to come out. I probably blame my discovery of the hackers soundtrack which got me into dark tech like underworld, orbital and even the prodigy. Also the home made burnt disc I got from an op shop titled ‘dark tech’ which i listened to in my car on repeat before a millennium 2000 new years party in which all that music was played." Rebel Yell has shared the stage with Naked, California Girls, Pillow Pro, Enderie Nuatal, X in O and Whitney Houstons Crypt. Rebel Yell is an awesome discovery that came from an unexpected encounter and we could not be happier to have her join the fold.


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